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    Product profile

    1. Waste management and circular economy

    1.1 Waste collection and transportation – technologies and services

    1.1.1 Waste disposal services, collection

    1.1.2 Vehicles and superstructures

    1.1.3 IT solutions for waste logistics

    1.2 Waste recovery, treatment and recycling – technologies and services

    1.2.1 Treatment of biological waste

    1.2.2 Resource recovery and recycling

    1.2.3 Mechanical biological treatment

    1.2.4 Thermal waste treatment and energy recovery

    1.3 Landfill sites – technologies and services

    1.3.1 Planning and construction of landfill sites

    1.3.2 Landfill site technologies and operation

    1.3.3 Landfill aftercare and reclamation

    1.4 Process measuring and control technology, analysis and laboratories for waste disposal

    1.4.1 Measuring and analysis technology

    1.4.2 Control and feedback control systems

    1.4.3 Laboratory technologies and services

    1.5 Planning, consultancy, engineering services

    1.6 Waste prevention, resource efficiency

    1.6.1 Producer responsibility

    1.6.2 Concepts and information

    1.7 Street cleaning, green area maintenance and winter services, industrial cleaning services

    1.7.1 Vehicles, equipment and attachments

    1.7.2 Services

    2. Sustainable exploitation of natural resources

    2.1 Water: Sewage treatment and recirculation – technologies and services

    2.1.1 Treatment and reuse of sewage and sludge

    2.1.2 Utilization of rainwater and process water

    2.2 Soil, groundwater and waters: protection and rehabilitation – technologies, processes and services

    2.2.1 Soil and groundwater protection

    2.2.2 Soil and groundwater rehabilitation, land recycling

    2.2.3 Protection and rehabilitation of waters

    2.2.4 Flood protection and control measures

    2.3 Air: waste air purification and air pollution control – technologies, processes and services

    3. Other environmental technologies, applications and services

    3.1 Software applications

    3.2 Safety at work and hazard prevention

    3.3 Services, special interest groups, education, research

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